The Bold and the Beautiful Next 2 Week

The Bold and the Beautiful Next 2 Week

The Bold and the Beautiful Next 2 Week. Steffy Forrester ripping into Brooke Logan over Bill Spencer. Furthermore, Ridge Spencer gets shocking news from his daughter. Now that the custody suit is settled, Bill attempts to pick up the pieces and show everyone the fatherly love he has for his son Will Spencer.

It is just of matter of time before Bill finds out about Ridge’s involvement with Judge Craig McMullen. Fans get to see this happen sometime within the next two weeks. Brooke Logan wormed her way into the judge’s chambers to find out the truth. It is heavy on her conscience, which causes her to share the info with Bill Spencer.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers : The Bold and the Beautiful Next 2 Week

Monday brings the calm before the storm when Bill Spencer spends a few moments with Katie Logan and Will. It is a “heartfelt” moment, according to the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. But it’s also a short-lived moment as not too long afterward everything breaks loose.

On Friday, Brooke’s rather sly move with Judge McMullen gets her the scoop on Ridge’s involvement with the custody case. On Monday,p she finishes up with the judge and moves on with the loaded secret she now has under her belt. It looks like Ridge Forrester is about to see his world turn upside down. continue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Next 2 Week

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