The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers April 20– May 1 Next 2 Week

The Bold and the Beautiful the next two weeks has Katie Logan considering whether she can ever trust Bill Spencer again. Plus, Sally Spectra freaks out when things take a horrible turn in her fake death scam. Here are the hottest B&B two-week soap opera spoilers. Spoilers say Katie Logan questions whether she can trust Bill. The answer is no – and Katie shouldn’t have trusted him before the video played either.

Time and again, Bill Spencer’s chosen to creep around with her big sister and betray her trust. Is Katie Logan finally done with it? Soon, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Katie Logan sits down with Bill to talk things through. Remember, Bill hasn’t remarried Katie despite them reuniting. So, is that a red flag Bill isn’t fully committed to Katie Logan? Will Katie finally push him out of her life for his ongoing cheating?

In surprise Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Dollar Bill and Quinn Fuller, agree on something. They think Wyatt Spencer should stay with Sally until she kicks the bucket – which everyone thinks happens soon. Of course, there’s no bucket to kick, and it’s a scam. Also, Bold and the Beautiful fans are sick of Felony Flo Fulton’s attitude towards Sally.

After all, until Flo peeked at those records, she legit thought Sally was dying, but still mistreated her. So, watch for more nastiness. Plus, Katie Logan also tells Wyatt he needs to help Sally. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate Brooke Logan assumes Ridge Forrester’s all hers once again.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers April 20– May 1 Next 2 Week

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