The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for Monday, April 22

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, April 22 promise a day of Hope the character, that is. Liam tries to sweep his wife off her feet while Thomas works to rip her marriage apart. Thomas has big plans to get Liam out of Hope’s life, at least for a little while.

All he needs is for Liam to take off to Paris for even a few days and he will be able to seduce Hope. He’s sure of it. Unfortunately, his plot may just work. Hope still feels guilty about keeping Liam for herself.

He should be in Paris seeing his daughter and helping Steffy with the kids instead of sticking around LA watching her mope around. She is not very good company anymore and barely even tries to paste on a smile when they are alone anymore. What Hope still does not realize is how dedicated Liam is to her. All Liam wants is to make Hope whole again.

Yes, he knows it will not happen overnight and there will always be a piece of her missing, but it can not keep stopping her from living life. Beth is gone (or so they think) but they are alive and need to start moving forward.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for Monday, April 22

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