11,000 People Illegally Watched KSI Logan Paul Fight In Reflection On Guy’s Glasses

The KSI and Logan Paul rematch was a highly anticipated event, with thousands and thousands of people all over the world tuning in to see the YouTubers go head to head once again.

While most audience members paid to watch the fight go on, it seems around 11,000 people managed to get in on the Logan Paul action for free by watching a live stream through the reflection on another YouTuber’s glasses.

The boxing match took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles yesterday, November 9, but those who couldn’t attend were able to stream the big event on the subscription sports streaming service DAZN. Unfortunately, that meant everyone without a DAZN subscription had to rely on updates from news sites and tweets from those who were able to watch in order to find out what was going on.

The situation was no doubt frustrating for fans of the two YouTubers, whose rematch had been a long time coming following their initial boxing match last summer.

Thankfully, another YouTuber came to the rescue by finding a loophole in the rules surrounding streaming services.

It would have been blatantly illegal for the man in question to just film his stream directly, so he decided to try his luck by filming his face as he watched the boxing match, in turn allowing fans to see the events unfold in the reflection on his glasses.

YouTuber streams KSI and Logan Paul match through his glasses

The YouTuber cunningly titled the video to be a reaction to the fight, so the live stream was not taken down by the site.

His creative method of streaming gained the attention of hundreds of viewers and before long there were as many as 11,000 people watching KSI take on Paul via the man’s spectacles.

One viewer shared a screenshot of the video on Twitter, in which you can see a close-up of the man’s face above a stream of comments from his viewers:

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While some people praised the ‘legend’ in the video for his plan, a number of viewers could be seen giving the YouTuber directions as to how to provide a better experience, with one telling him: ‘Stop moving ur [sic] head’, while another wrote: ‘turn up [the] brightness.’

Twitter users have shared their amusement at the situation, with one pointing out: ‘Modern problems require modern solutions.’

11,000 people illegally streamed the KSI Logan fight by watching the reflection on this guys glasses

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It’s unclear whether the man got into any trouble for creating the stream, but I think it’s safe to say most of the internet is on his side!

The boxing match was not to be missed as KSI took the win over Paul following a controversial split decision. The pair underwent a six-round cruiserweight bout in which referee Jack Reiss deducted two points from Paul for holding and hitting KSI while he was down; a move which is illegal.


11k people were watching the Logan Paul and KSI fight from the reflection of this guys glasses LMAOOOOO

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The decision made all the difference when it went to the scorecards, with two judges scoring the match 57-54 and 56-55 for KSI while the third had it 56-55 for Paul.

Thanks to the innovative YouTuber, 11,000 people got to experience the event, and you can’t put a price on that. DAZN would probably disagree with me there, but hey, sharing’s caring!


11,000 People Illegally Watched KSI Logan Paul Fight In Reflection On Guy’s Glasses

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