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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers for September 26 Next on B&B say this puts Judge McMullen in a quandary and what he should have done was to excuse himself from the case. But he didn’t, he’s seen in the courtroom in the previews. It looks like he’s confronted by Brooke as the court case gets underway. It also looks like Brooke knows the secret about his education funding. If she tries to strong-arm the judge against ruling in Katie’s favor, this opens a new can of worms.

According to Soap Central spoilers, it looks like the judge didn’t back down from this hearing. If this is the case, then he’s crossed a huge ethical line. If Brooke knows that Ridge paid for his education then she also knows this judge crossed that line as well. Does Brooke use this information to help Bill Spencer in this case?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers : Next on B&B

This judge has Ridge pressuring him to sway his ruling toward Katie. Then Brooke enters with the knowledge that could end this judge’s career. Will she ask the judge to rule in favor of Bill Spencer? It looks like McMullen’s free education just came back to haunt him. It also looks like he is about to pay dearly for this one way or the other.

If this is the way Brooke goes, then she’s gone against Ridge. With that said, this could be the end to the husband and wife team. Ridge may never forgive Brooke if she offers the trump card that wins the case for Bill.

Bill Spencer is out of his league when he steps into the courtroom. There’s no one he can pay off to twist the facts to make him look good. Furthermore, he is literally at the mercy of his horrendous history on parade. This results in his unscrupulous deeds airing like dirty laundry for all to take in. At the same time, it puts Bill in a place that he’s not used to and he appears helpless.

Katie Logan made a beautiful bride and now she’s on her way to court to fight Bill for custody. With her new husband Thorne Forrester by her side, she intends to show the court they are a stable family.

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