The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : Thomas’ Bad News – Quinn Betray Thomas

The Bold and Beautiful spoilers breaking news with spoilers recap news in this video we talk about CBS. Bold and Beautiful spoilers Quinn to betray Thomas hello CBS. The Bold and Beautiful spoilers here with another theory on what might happen in the epic Quinn fuller Brooke Logan and Thomas Forrester war.

Of course, There are several different routes to go so why not have some fun exploring them right yesterday on CBS. The Bold and Beautiful spoilers we discussed the possible consequences of Quinn’s actions toward Brooke. So today we have another what-if scenario to share there’s no denying Quinn as a force unto herself capable of going as fans like to say zero – crazier than Thomas in under a minute.

She displayed some of her skills when she spiked Brookes drink in the Hope it had turned her into a drunken mess once again. But now there’s a twist Thomas never fails to find the right time. Or place to stand to learn something. He shouldn’t and today’s episode was no different after hearing the end of Eric Forrester and Brookes conversation about her and Brooks war. He approached Quinn with an offer she may have been better off refusing it didn’t help that he played a hunch that.

Quinn had done something or that she gave in and explained her actions. So offhandedly both were lucky Erik didn’t walk in and catch them. But that’s a risk they always take on these shows don’t they in a surprising move thomas showed a surprising amount of restraint. When saying turning broke into a drunk shouldn’t be done this was quickly balanced by him explaining. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : Thomas’ Bad News – Quinn Betray Thomas

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