The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Liam’s plane crashed

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Liam’s plane crashed. Reese Buckingham’s gambling debt will threaten the lives of Taylor Haynes and his daughter Zoe. As the pressure about his debt rises, the thug stalks the two women in Reese’s life that matter Taylor and Zoe.

Reese will have to come up with a plan or the money fast to keep them safe. Reese’s Gambling Debt Puts Zoe And Taylor In Danger Dr, Buckingham tried to reason with the thug last week on Bold and the Beautiful by trying to get more time to pay it off.

He suggested they give him more time as he is a doctor and can make the money to pay it off. The thug advises him he is out of time and he needs to pay and pay up fast or he will have to find another way to work out a “payment.” Of course, his wording rattled Reese.

As we move into the week of December 30, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Reese’s gambling debt will be a big part of the storyline. He has to come up with the money, which we all know he doesn’t have. His inability to pay up is putting Taylor and Zoe’s life in danger.

Bold And Beautiful Spoilers Thug Stalks Taylor And Zoe

The thug begins to stalk Zoe and Taylor as a way to get to Reese and force him to pay his gambling debt. Reese may have to think fast and find a creative way to raise the fund as the last thing he wants to do is for Taylor or his daughter to be harmed. continue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Liam’s plane crashed

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