The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Flo and Thomas will become a couple

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thomas Forrester did some pretty awful things but he’s still loitering around. However, The Bold and the Beautiful ignored those options and deliberately made Thomas work to redeem himself.

He certainly has a long way ahead to get there if he even really wants it as you follow this path with. Thomas viewers will no longer worry about Thomas’s motivation. Mental stability in the coming months none of this makes Thomas a very feasible love concern that’s a problem. As much as they’d like to March Thomas around wearing no shirt. He will still need one who would want Thomas.

Currently Florence finds herself in a similar predicament she also has a long path of redemption ahead. Thomas wants hope but he can’t have her similarly flow once Wyatt’s Spencer and may not have him there was a chance. Wyatt would forgive her in time but he wasn’t ready to take that step. The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers suggested wide would make a bold gesture for the sake of Sally Spector as he worked to defeat her.

This may be an opportunity to place these two beans in a group flow is definitely against Thomas right now. But that doesn’t exclude them as a couple just look at what’s going on between Shawna Fulton. Ridge Forrester it is interesting to see Thomas ending up in a similar situation. Ridge and Thomas will probably love fault in women soon. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Flo and Thomas will become a couple

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