The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Week Daily Spoilers

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers predict Wyatt Spencer worries his girlfriend Sally Spectra is too close to her ex Thomas Forrester. Quinn Fuller pushes Wyatt to take a second look. Because she wants Sally out of her son’s life, she riles up her son to believe the worst of Sally’s upcoming interaction with her ex-BF on the CBS soap.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt Spencer Worries About Exes

B&B spoilers say while Wyatt Spencer was initially supportive of Sally Spectra’s friendship with Thomas, it looks like this changes soon. When Thomas first came back after Caroline Spencer died, Sally was kind to him. Now, Wyatt may misinterpret the vibe.

In fact, he worries about their standing when he hears gossip from Quinn, according to new Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. Quinn wants to split Wyatt and Sally and she may end up getting her way. Quinn tells him she saw Thomas and Sally hugging.

While this platonic occurrence may not worry him at first, he can’t get it out of his head. He trusts his girl. However, it appears things change when he finds out Sally Spectra and Thomas Forrester are texting. When he discovers this, he’s stunned and a little shaken.

B&B Spoilers: Quinn Fuller Schemes to Break Up Couple

Once Wyatt Spencer discovers these two things, he worries and could confront Sally Spectra on Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers say he trusts his girlfriend (or did before this). But Quinn Fuller whispers in his ear, triggering his worst fears. This could trigger Wyatt to lash out at his gal pal.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Week Daily Spoilers

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