The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Next Two Weeks

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Next Two Weekshint to major shakeups and turmoil as Bill Spencer wakes up a new man from his coma. Ridge Forrester for one is not at all impressed with the new Bill. There’s a Bold and the Beautiful casting call for a baby. So it looks like the big day for Hope Logan and Liam Spencer is almost here.

Over the next few weeks on the Bold and the Beautiful some of the craziest behaviors emerge. Furthermore, that goes double for Quinn Fuller and Pam Douglas. While these two ladies battle it out, Eric Forrester looks elsewhere for companionship.

Friday’s cliffhanger showed an elated Brooke Logan crying tears of joy over Bill. While Brooke’s tears streamed, Bill opened his eyes. On Monday a new man emerges from that coma. While he looks like Bill Spencer, he certainly doesn’t act like Bill Spencer. But that will change.

Quinn is bound and determined not to host Pam’s wedding at the Forrester estate. In contrast, Eric is sticking to his promise to Pam. As a result, this puts quite the strain on Eric and Quinn’s marriage.

Just as Eric finds himself re-evaluating his life, someone from his past is suddenly there in front of him, Donna Logan. The two find themselves in a situation that’s both odd and familiar to the two of them. Eric is speechless when he first encounters Donna.

Bill Spencer makes a surprising statement after emerging from his coma that no one expects. He is bound and determined to prove to Brooke that he is a changed man. He hands Brooke his coveted sword necklace as a gesture of removing his past life. continue reading on the next page —> 

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Next Two Weeks

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