The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 19-23

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 19-23 promise a week of schemes, scams, and surprises. Some of your favorite players try to get even, others gear up for revenge, but a the end of the day, it’s all about family!

It’s Thanksgiving week but not everyone is acting very thankful. Ridge, for one, doesn’t seem very appreciative of Bill letting him off the hook. Sure, Bill didn’t call the cops but that doesn’t mean he won’t, and it certainly doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an ulterior motive.

Ridge remains on high alert, constantly watching over his shoulder. He’s sure Bill’s still out to get him… or at least out to get his wife. This kicks him into high gear to save his marriage.

Katie is also watching her back. Her part in keeping Ridge’s secret could backfire at any moment and Bill has a few things to say. In fact, he calls a meeting and it could change the course of her future forever.

Bill’s demands regarding custody of his youngest son won’t be the only changes in the Spencer family this week. Spoilers reveal he has some big news for Liam and Wyatt. He’s made a decision about their legacy and whether or not they deserve a piece of the Spencer pie. continue reading on the next page —> 

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 19-23

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