The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Steffy adopted the baby

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Steffy adopted the baby. January 7-11 reveals a dark and heartbreaking week as news of Hope and Liam’s tragedy rocks their family. Baby Beth’s excited grandparents finally land on the island and rush to meet her.

Unfortunately, instead of finding a happy little family, all they find is heartbreak and devastation. The tragic loss changes everything. Hope and Liam aren’t in good shape and are barely holding themselves together. Hope will blame herself and Liam will beat himself up as they struggle with what went wrong.

Every family will come together to support the Spencers as they deal with their loss. Brooke and Taylor are even set to lay their differences aside while they support the family and do their best to pick up the pieces.

Even Steffy feels the effect of Beth’s loss. She’s devastated Kelly’s little sister is gone and decides to put her adoption plans on hold. Everyone needs time to heal and now is not the time to introduce a new baby to the family.

Teasers show Reese will be in the hot seat more than once in the coming week. He comes under attack from all ends. He has to explain Beth’s tragic end over and over and tries to bring peace to the family.

Losing two babies on the island won’t be Reese’s only drama. He has to fight to protect his daughter from his bookie. His debt repayment plan will take him down a dark path no one will ever expect.

B&B Spoilers Steffy adopted the baby

Reese’s story takes more shocking twists than anyone could imagine. His past comes back to bite him, his daughter suspects the worst, and a woman arrives who changes the course of the doctor’s future. continue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Steffy adopted the baby

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