The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers The truth is revealed

Thomas will get himself in trouble. The more people that know the shorter the time before someone talks. Liam and hope will find out that their daughter Beth Spencer is alive and liam and hope will find there way back each other I just want the truth will come to

If Hope(Annika Noelle) is ready to move on so fast, I doubt her love for Liam. She is being so stupid listening to Thomas(Matthew Atkinson) every word, and not her husband. She doesn’t deserve Liam(Scott Clifton). He’s grieving too.

Thomas does not love Hope, he is obsessed w/her. If he truly loved her he would tell her Beth was alive in a New York minute!

Hope should have Beth and Zoe(Katrina Bowden) needs to back off. What her dad did was despicable and he along with Zoe should go to prison. Flo was a victim in this appalling scheme and she needs to confess to clear her conscience.

Thomas needs to be in jail! Zander needs to go to Brooke and tell her that everyone wants to tell the truth about the baby but Thomas threatened everyone. Thomas is a sick maniac. This story line is disgusting and some one needs to tell the truth.

I don’t understand why Hope can’t stop being so stupid about Liam and the girls. Children are raised by parents in two different houses every day. So I guess rich people only have visitation at the Mama’s house and never have joint custody, that is a bunch of bunk.

Baby stealing and selling is cruel and evil and give Hope her baby and to hell with everyone else. What can Thomas do?? Once everyone knows he covered it up he will be gone from Forrester anyway so how can he destroy any one else.


The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers The truth is revealed

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