The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Two Weeks of September 16-27

The bold and the beautiful spoilers for the next two weeks from September 16th to September 27th. Revealed that there will be big hits Katy will probably not be able to keep her faith. Will she die in the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, Brooke Logan Forrester will panic while Bill Spencer will prove that he always keeps his promise. Katie Logan will have a few select words for Florence Fulton according to highlight Hollywood. She would make it clear that Flo was no longer welcome in the Logan family in fact they wanted her to leave Los Angeles.

Rumor has it bill will choose Katie over Spencer publications when she needs him will she go to the hospital ? After a confrontation with Flo or would she call him and tell him. She needed to be with him no matter what happens vandals tease. Bill will show how much he loves her and how much he pledges to Katie.

When he is there for her this week speaking of Shauna flow will be alarmed this week. When her mother says she has begun to have feelings for a Ridge. Shauna will confide in her daughter at night with Ridge. How good they beat her she is also grateful to Ridge for signing an agreement to allow flow to leave prison for free. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Two Weeks of September 16-27

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