The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Two Weeks of March 2-13

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers next two weeks March 2-13 reveal Brooke Logan and Liam Spencer were right all along. Everyone else finds out just how correct in these B&B 2 week spoilers for the CBS sudser. Spoilers for the two weeks see Shauna Fulton worried she won’t get her shot with Ridge Forrester.

Despite assurance from Quinn Fuller, Shauna worries Ridge’s son will mess this up for her. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers predict if Thomas winds up happily with Zoe Buckingham then Ridge goes back to Brooke Logan. Right now, Shauna thinks that’s the way things are headed. But, boy is she wrong, predict B&B spoilers. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers explain Vinny Walker’s increasingly worried for Douglas Forrester’s mental state.

Vinny sees Douglas upset and stressed and know Thomas does things on purpose to stress his kid. So, Vinny confronts Thomas and Steffy Forrester overhears them talking. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers wonder if Vinny will disrupt the coming wedding to save the little boy from his dad’s manipulations. Wait and see.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : Steffy Forrester Churns Up Brother’s Past Sins

B&B spoilers explain an angry Steffy confronts Thomas after hearing him bragging about setting her and Liam Spencer up for the kiss. Up to now, she’s been on his side, hoping he was sincere. Now, Steffy knows it’s all a con, predict Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. Not only does Steffy rail at Thomas over this current scheme, but also past transgressions.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Two Weeks of March 2-13

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  • Darling1954

    Thomas needs professional help and hope his father gets it for him. Let Hope & Liam adopt his son. I also do not like the present of Steffy putting her two cents in.

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