The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Two Weeks of November 11-22

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers two weeks of November 11-22 have Hope Logan lying and covering what happened at Forrester Creations. Then, she commits to the lie and moves forward. Meanwhile, Steffy Forrester wonders why she’s not heard from Thomas Forrester.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Monday-Tuesday November 11-12

As the week starts, B&B spoilers tell us Hope Logan pokes around Forrester Creations and figures out she probably killed Thomas. She can’t find his body but if that pit of acid dissolved him, she wouldn’t, would she? But fans highly doubt he’s dead despite the spoilers promising a corpse.

Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester can’t seem to work things out because they can’t see eye to eye on his oldest son. On Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers tell us he’ll storm out and go see Steffy and talk things over about this dilemma.

Steffy tells her dad she thinks Brooke’s up to no good and reminds him the horrible thing his wife did to Thomas recently (another shoving incident). Later, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise Hope Logan runs home to tell her mom she got the papers signed, but killed Thomas doing it.

B&B Spoilers Wednesday-Thursday November 13-14

Midweek’s Bold and the Beautiful spoilers predict Brooke counsels Hope Logan to stay quiet about what happened to Thomas at FC. And Liam Spencer’s floored that Hope’s got a new child and Douglas Forrester’s legally her son.

Plus, Liam drops the bomb that he’s quitting Forrester and jumping ship over to Spencer Publications. He tried to warn her on Bold and the Beautiful, but Hope Logan wouldn’t listen. Then, Ridge explodes when he finds out Hope conned Thomas into sharing custody. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Two Weeks of November 11-22

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  • Darling1954

    Thomas needs professional help and hope his father gets it for him. Let Hope & Liam adopt his son. I also do not like the present of Steffy putting her two cents in.

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