The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, February 21

Wyatt will intend to do just that when he returns to give Bill his decision. He’ll tell Sally that he wants Spectra Fashions to be revived, so she’ll be taken aback and quite touched. Once Wyatt has Sally’s approval, Wyatt will resolve to play hardball with his father. He’ll think Bill will cave on the Spectra part of his Spencer publications deal.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, February 21st tease  Justin Barber will call Donna Logan over to Spencer publications. He’ll think they need to have a little chat about Bill Spencer and Katy Logan’s future. Justin will have an intriguing plan, but he’ll need Donna’s help to pull it off.

Donna may be wary when Justin suggests they do a little matchmaking. After all, Katie has been burned by Bill before, Donna will wonder if Justin’s sure about the changes Bill has made. Will this new and improved version of Bill really stick? Justin may argue that Bill has proven himself as a devoted father. He might add that Bill could be a devoted husband now.

Donna can’t resist to “find their way back to each other” BB love story, especially since she’d like to have one of her own with Eric Forester.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, February 21

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