The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday January 17

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, January 17 promise a day of fresh pain, old heartache, and a surprise for Will! Wyatt knows exactly what Hope’s going through, especially since he experienced the same thing with her years before.

He and Sally pay the couple a visit to offer their support. However, the visit may do more harm than good. Hope never quite got over the loss of her first baby so losing a second is absolutely devastating. Seeing Wyatt and talking about their child’s memory brings Hope to an even darker place.

Baby Beth’s family may be falling apart but things are looking up for little Will. Dollar Bill’s new attitude impresses Katie to no end. So much so, she decides to invite him to stay for dinner.

This is great news to Will’s ears. He gets to have his mom and dad together for an evening of fun. It’s been quite some time since he was treated to an evening with his family intact.

Unfortunately, it won’t sit well with her husband. Thorne will have no choice but to bite his tongue but it’s no secret he despises Bill. Their rivalry goes way back and he sees right through the charade. continue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday January 17

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