The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, February 11 B&B Ubdate

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for Tuesday, February 11, 2020, tease Katie betraying Sally for all the right reasons and Vinny trying to put Thomas in his place. Make sure to tune in so you don’t miss a moment of the action. Katie promised Sally she’d keep mum about her illness around Wyatt, but she does decide to tell Bill.

Sally needs all the help, love, support, and family comfort she can get right now and people need to step up. Katie knows what it is like to be sick and she cannot imagine going it alone. Will Dollar Bill be the one to spill all to Wyatt or will he respect Sally’s wishes? He is not exactly her biggest fan but he is definitely not Flo’s fan either.

Sally is arguably the lesser of the two evils and needs Wyatt now more than ever. Meanwhile, Thomas ups his game and makes big plans for his next steps. He even calls his good buddy Vinny for a helping hand. It’s a big mistake, though. Vinny not only doesn’t want to back him up but he calls Thomas out!

Vinny is no saint by any means but Thomas is going entirely way too far. He is going to destroy one woman to get to another and that is not right. Zoe is doing everything she can to make up for her mistakes and does not deserve what’s about to come.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, February 11 B&B Ubdate

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