The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday December 25

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday December 25 promise a Christmas of traditions, family, and promises. The Forrester mansion sets the scene for Kelly’s first Christmas. It’s a time for love, appreciation, and celebrating the true meaning of the holiday.

Everyone gathers by a roaring fire, they sing by the piano, and gush over Steffy, Liam, and their little girl. The day has its downside, though. While all the Logan women reunite with Bridget, who has returned to town, noticeable absences from other families are felt and felt deeply.

Charlie and Pam hold down the kitchen but just as soon as everything comes together, it all falls apart. It takes the Logan sisters stepping in, donning aprons, and playing chef to get the ball rolling.

Thankfully, alls well that ends well when the great feast makes it to the table. Ridge is set to take the lead this year by voicing his appreciation for the blessings in his life. He asks each guest to do the same and there will be some surprising answers! This can’t be good, right?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday December 25

Expect Xander to surprise everyone when he carries out a long-lived tradition. He hasn’t been part of this L.A. world long but he’ll prove he’s right where he belongs. True to form, Eric has the most to say, but he is the patriarch after all. His family means everything to him. continue reading on the next page —>

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