The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, March 3

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers or Tuesday, March 3, 2020, tease Thomas going completely bonkers and Vinny trying to reel him back in. The baddie’s schemes are going too far and even the drug dealer is getting worried. Thomas talks a big take and walks a big walk but Vinny is sick and tired of the games. It’s one thing to manipulate Hope, lie to his family, and gaslight his enemies, but using Douglas is too far.

Expect Vinny to offer Thomas a few words of wisdom and maybe even a few threats. One day, very soon, these antics will stop working and Terrible Tom’s life will explode. Does he really want Douglas to hate him? The little man won’t stay little forever and once he hits a certain age he will realize the type of guy his dad really is.

True to his evil ways, Thomas will use Vinny’s anger to fuel the next phase of his plan. Rumor has it, he tracks down Zoe and puts a rush on their engagement. She wants to marry him, right? So, why wait? He pitches the idea of getting married right away.

Will Zoe agree to wed so fast? She will have mere days to pick a dress, choose her flowers, decorate, invite her guests, and get the whole event ready. If she was hoping for a big, grand, millionaire worthy wedding she is out of luck. Fast-tracked nuptials never equal grand and over-the-top.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, March 3

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