The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, July 31 B&B Ubdate

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, July 17 reveal  promise Flo Fulton‘s day of reckoning arrives this week. She should rightfully wind up dumped, jailed, and jobless. But will it go that way? Right now, Liam Spencer’s hot on the trail of the baby secret. He’s not sure where this is headed but he’s digging into Phoe-Beth’s adoption

He gets info from the Vegas hospital where Flo Fulton supposedly gave birth to Steffy Forrester’s adoptive daughter. By Friday of this week, the ugly truth is out. Will Felony Flo lose everything once the facts are out and she’s busted? Let’s take a look at what comes soon on the CBS soap.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Flo Fulton Spills to Wyatt Spencer

This Friday, Flo’s ready to come clean to Wyatt Spencer , say B&B spoilers. In fact, she’s ready on Thursday to finally tell Wyatt everything she did. But before she can get the words out, Liam rushes in, interrupting them. And it’s Liam Spencer that is the one to expose the awful deeds that she’s done. That means Wyatt Spencer learns the truth from his brother on Friday, not from his lying girlfriend. That’s a huge difference. If she’d confessed first, Wyatt might be more forgiving.

So, it’s only after Liam exposes her vile deeds that Flo Fulton makes a full confession to the Spencer brothers, filling in all the gaps that Liam hadn’t quite figure out. From there, Liam races off to tell Hope Logan their baby’s alive. As for Flo, she’s left scrambling. Because Wyatt Spencer proved he’ll drop a woman for lying. And Flo’s lies are nuclear. So, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, August 5 say that Wyatt’s outraged and Flo’s begging forgiveness.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, July 31 B&B Ubdate

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