The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, September 5

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers Wednesday, September 5 reveal it’s a bad day to be Ridge. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place when he realizes the company has to make cuts… which means cancelling an expensive fashion line.

Ridge knows how devastating this bombshell will be and no matter what they decide, someone will be hurt and a new war will break out. However, the figures are in and numbers don’t lie.

FC needs to put its concentration and funding into either the Bedroom line or HFTF, but it can’t carry both. This will pit Hope and Steffy against each other in a professional capacity, which just adds to their personal drama.

They’ve just reached a level ground, found a common goal, and finally feel a sense of peace. It’s been a long, hard road and now it’s about to become a bumpy ride once again.

Brooke worries what the stress will do to her daughter. Hope’s a hormonal and hot mess right now, and losing her clothing line could push her over the edge.

She’s lost over and over to Steffy and is finally on the winning end. It would be a tragedy for her to have to give up her designer dreams so soon after her fairytale wedding.

Tempers flare as Ridge and Brooke have another classic parental faceoff. They haven’t seen eye to eye about anything concerning their daughters for months and this battle will take the cake. Tensions heat up and this may be the final straw in their already rocky union.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. You should not miss this amazing and breathtaking episode. Do not forget to share !!!


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