The Bold and The Beautiful Steffy’s Ploy Backfires

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers Steffy’s Ploy Backfires. Bill Spencer hears his father-figure history in court. The court case also pulls the family members in opposite directions. Steffy Forrester continues on a cruel path of slowly ousting Hope Logan with a twist in the works.

More Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint surprising changes, several shockers, and some hidden agendas swirling around your favorite Bold characters during the next two weeks.

Brooke Logan takes the stand to testify on Bill’s behalf in the custody case. A lot is riding on her testimony for Bill Spencer but what she offers the court could very well put a huge strain on her marriage.

Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan have a momentary truce when they share their concerns over the. Spencer brothers. Liam Spencer and Wyatt Spencer testify for opposite sides in this case.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers : Steffy’s Ploy Backfires

Emma Barber is within eye and earshot of an intimate moment between Xander Avant and Zoe Buckingham. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest jealousy immediately sets in for the young intern as she watches her love wooed by his ex.

It looks like Brooke and Wyatt’s testimony on behalf of Bill puts Katie Logan over the edge during the custody battle. This is her sister and the Logans usually stick together. Brooke testifying in favor of Bill leaves Katy feeling betrayed.

Closing arguments in the custody case put Bill Spencer in a spot he’s not used to. He is uncomfortable and there’s not much he can do about it. Hearing his father status broadcasted for the courtroom leaves him squirming.

The request Ridge Forrester made to Judge Craig McMullen to sway his decision over to Katie’s side weighs heavy on the honorable man. As the judge starts to make a ruling in the case he feels the pressure.

In a surprise twist, Bill Spencer bonds with. Katie and the two sit down to talk to their son Will Spencer. They decide to deliver the news of the custody hearing to Will together, according to the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.


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