The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks July 31 — August 11

The Bold and the Beautiful next two-week spoilers find John “Finn” Finnegan about to lose everyone that matters to him in the two weeks of July 31 — August 11, 2023. Meanwhile, someone lashes out while another’s dream may come true. See what’s in store over the next two weeks with the latest spoilers for the CBS sudser.

On B&B this week, John “Finn” Finnegan shocks his wife, Steffy Forrester, when he makes a confession. Then, she gives him a harsh warning. So, it looks like Finn tells Steffy he wants a relationship with Sheila Carter. And Steffy tells Finn that if he does, he will lose her and the family they’ve created.

Later, on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy’s worst fears come true. And Finn makes a move that leads to disaster. Even Finn’s adoptive mother, Li Finnegan, may not forgive him if he lets Sheila in his life. And next week, there’s an excellent chance Finn loses everyone close to him.

Also, this week on Bold and the Beautiful, Liam Spencer gets all worked up about something. Likely, Finn’s choices regarding Sheila. He won’t back down and then makes a promise. No doubt, he promises to protect Steffy and the kids. And that could be the start of a reunion for them.

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks July 31 — August 11

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