The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Eric and Quinn Divorce Dilemma

The Bold and the Beautiful as the spoilers tease that Eric Forrester is shocked at what Quinn Forrester has done. He is in dismayed that his wife tried to hurt Brooke Logan intentionally and impact a fragile relationship with his son rich Forrester.

However she still is standing her ground and saying how it was Brooke who showed herself through her actions Raina. So fast character thinks that bridge and Katie Logan are better off knowing the truth about their partners Brooke.

Ends another couple if you guys recall Brooke took comfort in her ex’s arms I know no one has document the event between the two but imagine. If Shana falton was around anyways jokes apart Brooke and Eric did not kiss but they did go back in time and talked about the past.

Yes which is Brookes true love but we have seen the connection between her and Eric right guys maybe that is the reason. Why Quinn hate her on the first note and she knows eric is also quite fond of his eggs as well. But maybe it does not affect what Eric and Quinn have or will it the divorce rejection revisited how can we forget how Eric had told Brooke that he loves his wife and was not going to divorce her but.

However that was way before he knew the bill kiss in the cabin and how Queen fed Brooke alcohol without her knowledge. So does this mean that it will end their marriage will Quinn be facing delayed consequences of her actions we all know. How Eric is questioning her ethics and knowing that she tried to kick Brooke out of the wagon will only make things worse.

Thomas returns with more drama pulled in a beautiful fans on how Queen made a big mistake when she spiked her nemesis’s drink and while she anthem is for Esther well fully in sync to end. Brooke summers had to leave after his wedding disaster and he had no ill will for Queen right.

So there is no chance that he will be back with the conflict between the two. However if they have a conversation about the incident of spiking the drink and if Eric overhears it then it will only add drama between the two are we about to see a major heartbreak for Queen.


The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Eric and Quinn Divorce Dilemma

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