Bold and Beautiful Spoilers : Steffy and Hope Agree Find Common Ground

The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers Steffy and Hope Agree Find Common Ground. Monday, September 24, tease that Will will get some surprising updates. He’ll be taken aback when he hears Thorne and Katie are getting married tomorrow. Even a kid may think it’s a little quick!

Nevertheless, Katie and Thorne will want Will to feel good about the situation. They’ll promise that they love him and want to be a family. Will’s going to have questions about Bill and how this will work. He may feel like Thorne’s going to replace his father, which let’s be honest is what Katie’s shooting for.

Still, Thorne and Katie won’t let Will think like that. B&B spoilers say Katie will assure Will that Bill is still his dad. She’ll note that Thorne’s going to be his stepfather, but that won’t change who Bill is to him. After Will feels comfortable with this arrangement, the new fam will share some nice moments. Katie will feel like everything just might work out, but that’s wishful thinking.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers : Steffy and Hope Agree Find Common Ground

“The Bold and the Beautiful” fans know Bill isn’t giving up. At Spencer Publications, Bill will once again offer his gratitude to Brooke. He’ll gaze longingly in her eyes and declare that he appreciates her. Brooke may want to get out of there before temptation rises! Nothing much will happen between them yet, but the writing’s on the wall here.

Later, Bill will feel the walls closing in. He’ll start to get spooked as he considers the real possibility of losing his son. Bill can’t let that happen, so he’ll march over to Katie’s place and order her to stop the madness. “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers say they’ll have a major shouting match, so viewers won’t want to miss all the insults and threats.

Over with Ridge, he’ll talk to Eric about the custody war. Ridge will feel confident that Bill’s going down in court. Eric will think it’s great that Katie’s got plenty of support. However, he’ll be a bit perplexed by Ridge’s investment in all this. Eric may wonder if this is about achieving what’s best for Will or getting revenge on Bill.

Ridge is definitely putting everything he’s got into Bill’s takedown. He’ll keep pressure on Judge McMullen, so B&B fans will be curious about what’s next.

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