The Bold and Beautiful Updates: Brooke Leans on Eric

The Bold and Beautiful Updates for Friday, September 13, 2019, tease a day of hot tempers and sizzling heat when the Fulton woman try to worm their way back into the LA crowd. Make sure to tune in so you don’t miss a moment of the drama. The week of showdowns heats back up when Sally and Flo come face to face.

The redhead overhears Flo relaying her plans for the future and Sally is not having it. Well, enough is enough. Flo may have gotten away with not going to jail but that doesn’t mean she gets to go back to her old life. No sir. Flo will pay for hurting everyone Sally loves.

The Bold and Beautiful Updates: Friday, September 13

How will Flo deal with Sally getting in her face? She doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room after the Beth fiasco, but is this too much? Getting screamed at by almost everyone is getting old and she is sick to death of it. This time, she’s taking a stand.

Meanwhile, Shauna catches a lucky break when she runs into a very drunk Ridge at the Bikini Bar. He’s had one too many (okay, probably more like three or four too many) and it shows. He’ll be quite a mess and definitely in need of a friend. Of course, Shauna is not exactly a friend. In fact, she’s an enemy and he can’t stand the sight of her.


The Bold and Beautiful Updates: Brooke Leans on Eric

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