The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 1-30-2019

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, January 30 promise an emotional episode full of charged feelings and hot tempers! Hope’s appointment with her OBGYN turns into a horrifying situation when she runs into Dr. Buckingham.

It’s the first time she’s come face to face with Reese since Catalina. Much to Reese’s dismay, Hope demands a meeting so they can go over the details of Beth’s death. She wants a play by play of the tragedy. What went wrong? Why did it go wrong? And, most of all, was there a way to save her baby?

Hope has blamed herself since the day of Beth’s birth and will continue to blame herself for months. She needs some relief but is turning to the wrong person to get it! This puts Reese in quite a spot considering the little girl is very much alive. Forged records and a tall tale are all he has to go on and one slip up could destroy his plan! Watch the video for more !!!

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 1-29-2019


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