The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 1-31-2019

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, January 31 reveal a day of fast-rising suspicions. Ridge is over the moon about the new baby. His daughter’s life is coming tougher and he couldn’t be more proud…and worried. As happy as he is, there’s something not quite right.

He and Brooke both mull over the hurried adoption. They are well aware these things usually take months, not days. How did this come together so fast? And, is this really legal? Brooke decides to take it upon herself to learn more about the new baby.

She’s bound and determined to make sure everything is on the up and up for Steffy’s sake. Will she be the one to uncover the ugly truth? Reese better hope he covered all his tracks and Flo keeps mum because one slip up will mean a lifetime behind bars and another family ripped apart. Watch the video for more !!!

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 1-30-2019


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