Best Things You Didn’t Know about Harriet Harris

To say that Harriet Harris’ career has been amazing might not be enough to describe how good she is at what she does. Over the years, Harriet has played some very impressive (and very interesting) characters including Felicia Tilman in Desperate Housewives and Bebe Glazer in Fraiser.

Her ability to bring characters to life in ways that are authentic and entertaining has always set her apart. No matter who Harriet is playing, you can bet that she’s going to make it believable. Harriet hasn’t made any on-screen appearance in 2021 just yet. But we know we’re going to be seeing plenty more of her. Here are best things you didn’t know about Harriet Harris.

She Studied At Julliard

Harriet is surely a whiz with regards to acting, however she’s placed in a great deal of time and exertion to take advantage of her abilities. At the point when Harriet was only 17 years of age. She was acknowledged to the world-popular Juilliard School where she proceeded to acquire a four year college education.

She’s Been On Broadway

The screen isn’t the lone spot that has regarded Harriet. She has additionally discovered a great deal of achievement on the stage. She is profoundly regarded in the entertainment business world. In 1992, she made her Broadway debut in a creation of Four Baboons Adoring the Sun, and she has gotten back to Broadway a few times since.

She’s An Award Winner

An individual’s accomplishment in media outlets is regularly estimated by the quantity of grants they’ve won, and it’s a given that specific honors convey more weight than others. In 2002, Harriet won a Tony Award and A Drama Desk Award for her work in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

She’s A Dog Person

For reasons unknown, it’s continually fascinating to know whether an individual lean towards canines or felines. That small snippet of data can give considerably more understanding into somebody’s character. The entirety of the canine individuals out there can formally invite Harriet to the group since she’s a glad little guy parent. As well as cherishing canines, Harriet additionally adores parrots.

She Was A Very Shy Kid

At the point when she was more youthful, Harriet was very timid. Be that as it may, she acknowledges representing assisting her with breaking out and about. She revealed to Huff Post, “I’ve had the chance to try different things with being more open … I don’t think I’ll at any point be cordial, however I am more amiable than I would’ve been and I’m somewhat more agreeable and I believe that makes for a superior individual.”


Best Things You Didn’t Know about Harriet Harris

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