Best Things You Didn’t Know about Jamie Clayton

Since making her on-screen debut in 2011, Jamie Clayton has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Her natural acting skills have given her the ability to keep viewers engaged regardless of the size of the role she’s playing. Jasmine got her big break in 2015 when she was cast in the TV series Sense8.

She has also become well-known for her roles in shows like The L Word: Generation Q and Designated Survivor. Not only is she incredibly talented, but as a transgender woman, she has used her platform to help bring attention to issues that impact her community. Here are best things you didn’t know about Jamie Clayton.

She Wanted To Be A Makeup Artist

Turning into an entertainer wasn’t generally a piece of Jamie’s arrangement. All things being equal, she needed to be a cosmetics craftsman and she moved to New York City to seek after her vocation. She didn’t start acting until she was in her 30s. In spite of having a poor start, Jamie came in and set up herself as an amazing powerhouse.

She Likes To Travel

Carrying on with life to the fullest is what is the issue here, and what preferable approach to do that over by seeing however much of the world as could be expected. Jamie has been lucky to do loads of going throughout the long term. As well as visiting various pieces of the United States, she has likewise been to different nations including Italy, France, and Germany.

She Loves Fashion

Looks aren’t all that matters, however they do assume a significant part in media outlets. Jamie truly appreciates style and considers it to be another apparatus she can use to articulate her thoughts. She partakes in assembling outfits and she has sufficient style to pull of any look. She has additionally done some demonstrating throughout the long term.

She’s Passionate About Oral Health

Everyone needs to have a decent grin, however individuals don’t generally make sure to take great consideration of their teeth and gums. Jamie desires to do what she can to change that. She has a whole feature segment on her Instagram profile devoted to talking about oral wellbeing. It’s hazy what precisely started this discourse, yet there’s a decent possibility her adherents have discovered it incredibly accommodating.

She’s Done Voice Acting

Television and film jobs are normally what rung a bell when individuals think about Jamie’s work as an entertainer. There are a many individuals who don’t understand that she’s additionally accomplished some voice work. As well as being in vivified arrangement, she was likewise the voice of Jien Garson in the 2017 computer game Mass Effect: Andromeda.


Best Things You Didn’t Know about Jamie Clayton

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