Days of Our Lives Spoilers Tripp and Claire will be fired from Days

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Tripp Dalton, upset over Claire Brady‘s betrayal, asks out Haley Chen. Tripp learns about what Claire did to sabotage his and Ciara Brady’s relationship from none other than Ben Weston. Now Claire seems to have lost him, but can she win him back?

As previous DOOL spoilers confirmed, Ben lets Tripp know all about how Claire planned to break up his and Ciara’s relationship so that Claire could get with him and Ben and Ciara could get together.

Ciara left town much to Ben’s disappointment. The two got in a huge fight that covered a lot of bases, but one reason they fought was because Ciara learned about Ben and Claire’s little pact. She was furious, as she couldn’t believe that he could do this to her.

Ben, however, actually didn’t do anything. While he originally agreed with Claire, he backed out of the whole plan pretty quickly, before he did anything sketchy. Claire, though, continued with the plan and made Tripp even angrier at Ben and Ciara’s friendship at the time on Days of Our Lives.
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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Tripp and Claire will be fired from Days

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