Days of Our Lives Spoilers 22-10-2018

Days of Our Lives Spoilers 22-10-2018 promise a day of incredible danger and shocking announcements both in and out of Salem. Nicole becomes trapped as a fire rages around her while Mimi gets ready to reveal her biggest secret yet! You’re not going to want to miss a moment of this edge-of-your-seat episode!

All roads for several of your favorite Salemites leads to Xander’s warehouse. After all, it’s where Kristen has been storing the mystery patient and it’s also where Xander had hidden his tape of Nicole’s confession.

But, everything began to unravel as more and more people discovered the secret location. Now, it looks like all hell is breaking loose and lives are put in even more danger than originally realized.continue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 22-10-2018 – Days News

Two of those in mortal danger are Nicole and Holly. Eric and Brady work together to try desperately to save Nicole’s life. As the flames get bigger and closer, Nicole has little left to do but pray for a miracle. Unfortunately, after having so many happen for her, she may have just run out of them.


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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 22-10-2018

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