Days of Our Lives Spoilers Claire exposed the fraud in the marriage of Tripp and Haley

Days of Our Lives Spoilers As we all know, Claire was jealous when she saw Tripp help Haley with the shelter when her immigration secret was revealed. Although Tripp assured Claire that, between him and Haley Chen were just friends, it didn’t seem like she believed it.

So Claire informed the police about Haley’s shelter and she was arrested. Claire did all of this with the sole purpose of making Haley as far away from Tripp as possible. However, Claire’s plan was completely counterproductive.

She will receive a terrible news that Tripp and Haley will marry and this is a requirement for Haley to have a green card to stay in Salem. Well how would Claire feel when her plan led to Tripp and Haley getting married?

Claire had caused many sins but all seemed to be lying in the darkness. The first time killer of the cabin is still a big question mark, but there are lots of details showing that Claire was the one who caused the fire in order to burn Ciera because Claire was jealous at the time.

Tripps love for Ciera. Then everyone suspected Jordan was the one who caused the fire, but it seemed like the truth of the incident was about to be exposed when JJ saw the fire and turned all suspicions to Claire.

Now, Tripp is still unaware that Claire is behind Haley’s arrest. With so many scams she did everything to keep Tripp to herself but it seems all her plans are having the opposite effect. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Claire exposed the fraud in the marriage of Tripp and Haley


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