Days of Our Lives Spoilers for April 15-19 Next Week

Days of Our Lives spoilers for April 15-19 promise an exciting week in Salem. Expect non-stop drama when Rafe is shot, Ciara is kidnapped, and Claire shows her true colors! More wedding woes come Jack and Haley’s way when their big days are interrupted once again.

Expect Adrienne to feel the heat when Jack goes on the attack. Meanwhile, across town, Claire does the unthinkable when she tries destroying Haley’s entire life! Gabi works to seduce Stefan but nothing will go as planned. He and Chloe catch on and realize exactly who’s behind this scheme. Unfortunately, disaster strikes and everyone’s lives turn upside down!

The cartel is back and more dangerous than ever. A break-in at the DiMera mansion takes a horrifying turn when Gabi and Ciara are held, 0hostage. By sheer luck, Gabi gets a message to Rafe who comes to the rescue. However, his mission will go off the rails!

Gabi will be safe but Rafe will end up in a puddle of blood and Ciara will wind up in the cartel’s clutches. Ben and Hope team up to find her but will they rescue her in time? They better hope so because things will turn ugly when the goons figure out they have the wrong woman!

More drama follows when Eli suspects Ted is in bed with the cartel and works to expose him. The DA is shady and knows how to play the game so exposing him will not be easy. But, Eli is a former FBI agent and knows what he’s doing.

Meanwhile, WilSon suffers once again when Will has another terrifying episode. It’s back to the hospital with Sonny and Marlena by his side. They pray for a miracle as they await the results of more and more tests.
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Days of Our Lives Spoilers for April 15-19 Next Week


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