Days of our Lives Spoilers for May 20-24 Next Week

Days of our Lives spoilers for May 20-24 reveal a week when everything changes. Evildoers rise up, two big favorites fall hard, and skeletons fly right out of the closets. Set your DVRs because you will not want to miss a moment! This week marks Doug and Julie’s 25th wedding anniversary.

Tune in for some loving gestures and beautiful memories as the couple relives their greatest moments. Oh, it feels good to be on top and Jack enjoys every moment. But, he lets to power go to his head. He makes some big changes around the office including getting rid of Hope’s team and installing his own… and you will not believe who is at the helm!

The new police commissioner is none of than Eve! It seems this was her plan all along. Get in the top legal spot so she can bring Ben down. Will she succeed? Meanwhile, Haley and JJ keep a low profile at the Horton cabin while searching for a way to save her.

They face an uphill battle. Not only did Haley admit to a fraudulent marriage she is now a felon. It will take a miracle to save her now. Gabi amps up her game to snag Stefan and boy, will sparks fly! Stefan may not like her but he certainly can’t resist her.

o, she uses her seductive ways to get him back into bed and wait for Chloe to catch them. Talk about a shocker! Chloe will be blindsided and walk away from Stefan for good. Speaking of love triangles, Maggie manufactures one in her head (or is she right) about Victor and Kate.

The thought drives her to the brink of insanity and she falls off the wagon hard. Spoilers reveal she will hit rock bottom faster than ever before. A dark secret comes to light when Xander’s partner comes out of hiding.
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Days of our Lives Spoilers for May 20-24 Next Week



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