Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Tuesday December 25

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Tuesday December 25 promise a day of secret reunions and life-changing news for your Salem favorites. While Julie’s brain was a bit foggy at first after she woke up, she now remembers everything and tells ALL. You’re not going to want to miss a moment of this emotional episode!

Julie learned the truth when she went through Gabi’s room that Chad is really baby Charlotte’s father not Stefan. And while she didn’t remember what had actually happened when she first regained consciousness, tomorrow she does!

And because she has remembered, Abigail and Chad receive a Christmas miracle! They finally learn just how deep Gabi’s betrayal cut. Now that Abby knows the truth, it changes everything! This Abby doesn’t take treatment like this from anyone. Julie isn’t the only one giving love a little push. Roman hates seeing his grandson so sad and decides to do something about it.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Tuesday December 25

Knowing what the score is, he arranges a special moment between Will and Sonny, giving them their own little Christmas miracle time together. One of the reasons well, really the only reason Will and Sonny can’t be together is because of Sonny’s husband, Leo, who is blackmailing the pair over what they did to him. continue reading on the next page —>

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