Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday January 11

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday January 11 reveal a day of romantic gestures and uncovering secrets for your Salem favorites. Chad knows he has to kick up his game if he’s going to get Abby to forgive him… and he takes his shot! You’re not going to want to miss a moment of this dramatic episode!

Chad has no doubt he’s in the dog house after what he did to betray Abigail and she has shown no sign of wanting to get past it and forgive him but he refuses to give up. Now Chad takes the first step in his Win Abby Back Tour surprising Abigail with a special dinner with her family.

Will she appreciate what he’s trying to do or shut him down immediately? Perhaps JJ will be one of those family members in attendance, but he seems to have his hands full elsewhere. That’s because JJ learns Haley has a secret connection to someone else in town. Perhaps someone connected to justice in Salem…

But is this secret really something she should have tried to kill herself over? Will he get to the bottom of what has her so troubled and, if he does, will they grow closer? JJ and Haley’s friendship isn’t the only one that could be intensifying. Eric and Sarah continue to grow closer as they bond over their love for Holly. continue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday January 11

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