Days Of Our Lives Spoilers : Mimi’s shocking return brings a big secret

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers : Mimi’s shocking return brings a big secret. Jennifer Horton has been wracked with guilt over her knowledge. She has known for a while that Nicole Walker left town because of Brady and kept this truth from Eric. Jennifer knows that she has to tell him the truth, once and for all. Even if it means losing him in the process.

So, Jen tells her fiance all that she knows, once and for all. As fans may remember, Nicole Walker was forced to leave Salem after Brady blackmailed her. Brady knew that she had murdered Deimos Kiriakis and had evidence of this. Heartbroken that Nicole chose Eric Brady over him, Brady forced Nicole to leave with her daughter.

Eric Brady didn’t know the real truth of why Nicole Walker left and moved on with Jennifer, who did, in fact, know the truth. As he learns about all the secrets his family and loved ones have been keeping from him, he becomes incredibly hurt and furious with Brady.

DOOL News : Mimi’s shocking return brings a big secret

Once Eric learns that Jen knew about why Nicole left, and has known for a long time, he becomes heartbroken. He thought that his and Jen’s relationship was one built on love and trust. He feels betrayed as she has kept this to herself for a long time.

While Jennifer Horton knew that there was a chance their relationship wouldn’t survive her confession, she knew she had to be honest with him. Jennifer gives back the engagement ring he gave her, and he accepts it. He knows that it is the best thing to do, as does Jen.

Once he learns the truth, their relationship is over. He needs closure and he needs to find Nicole, a mission he sets out to accomplish. Jennifer Horton, on the other hand, could be reunited with her own true love, as it has been reported that her husband Jack Deveraux is heading back to Salem.

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