Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week, Feb. 4-8th

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate Gabi Hernandez and Brady Black team up to ruin Stefan DiMera and Chloe Lane’s budding romance. Brady doesn’t want Chloe and Stefan to get close, while Gabi just wants revenge. Will they accomplish their goal?

When Brady Black learns Chloe decides to move in with Stefan DiMera, he’s not exactly thrilled. So, a bit jealous, he teams up with Gabi Hernandez to keep the Chloe and Stefan away from each other. Brady Black and Chloe have been growing closer in recent weeks, and the last thing he needs is Chloe falling for the DiMera bad boy on DOOL.

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Gabi Hernandez is completely down to mess with Stefan’s life. As she hates him, she wants to make his life hell. When Brady talks to her about Chloe, they both realize she could make sure that the two never really get close. Thus, a new pact is born.

As Brady Black can’t necessarily hang out at the DiMera mansion, Gabi Hernandez can. She works to make sure that Chloe and Stefan don’t have the opportunity to bond any more than they already have. But will Gabi and Brady’s plan work on Days of Our Lives?

As Days of Our Lives spoilers previously revealed, Stefan and Chloe grow closer. Thugs threaten Chloe with the bloody knife she used to kill El Fideo, so she fears for her life. Events quickly escalate when she finds herself in a life-endangering situation. Luckily, Stefan DiMera is there to help her out.

This leads to Stefan saving Chloe’s life, though he does get shot in the process. This is bound to bring the couple closer together. In fact, just a few episodes later, he encourages Chloe to move into the DiMera mansion with her kids. He realizes that she’s not safe and needs to be protected. continue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week, Feb. 4-8th

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