Days of Our Lives Spoilers : Sami discovered wasn’t Marlena

Days of Our Lives spoilers Sami discovered wasn’t Marlena. Marlena Evans wakes up from her coma and reveals some shocking news about Sami Brady and her wedding day.

Hattie Adams impersonated Marlena Evans while she was in her coma, which caused horrific situations for her friends and family as they dealt with this “new” Marlena. However, the news that the “real” Marlena reveals bring even more questions to the forefront.

Marlena Evans comes out of her coma up to find herself in an abandoned part of the hospital. Obviously, she’s confused and has some questions. However, she’s not alone for long. Kristen DiMera figured out that the doppelganger was really Hattie and tracked down the real Marlena with plans to finish her revenge plan. With a gun in one hand, Kristen taunts her.

DOOL News : Sami discovered wasn’t Marlena

However, Kristen can’t do anything when Roman Brady and Kayla Brady show up. As we previously reported, this results in a struggle between Roman and Kristen as he tries to get the gun away from her. This ultimately leads to an accidental gunshot. While the gunshot doesn’t hit anyone, it does hit a fan that falls on Roman, which gives Kristen the opportunity to harm Marlena. Before she can, Kayla grabs the gun. Kristen flees.

John Black reunites with his love and fills her in on why she’s hidden and how Hattie has been impersonating her. He also informs her of how Sami shot her at the wedding, which results in Marlena revealing what she remembers from the wedding. During these flashbacks, we learn that Sami Brady didn’t shoot her at all.

Marlena Evans reveals Sami Brady didn’t shoot her at her wedding. Instead, Evans saw a hidden figure behind some bushes who was holding a gun. She reveals that Sami isn’t the one who shot her. She believes the hidden figure was the one who did.


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