Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Shocker – Will had a brain tumor – Will die?

Days of Our Lives spoilers Will’s health situation will get worse. And this week, Will will get a shock when he learns he has a brain tumor. Does the disease cause while to die?

Currently, Sonny will be with Will when they are waiting for updates. Will will need more tests at the hospital. Dr. Rex has not yet made an accurate diagnosis, but he will work hard to get to the end of this problem.

Dr. Sarah will also participate. After Will underwent the tests we mentioned, Sarah and Rex will eventually determine the cause of Will’s medical problems. The pair of engaged doctors will reveal what the problem is. Unfortunately, Will has a brain tumor. That’s what caused his mysterious headache after his shocking collapse.

With this result, surely both Will and Sonny will be horrified. Will seemed to have died once, and now. It seems like death is approaching him again. Although, he finally had a chance to be happy with Sonny, so he would hate the idea of? Dying young and missing many great years together.

In the meantime, Will’s spirit will start to panic. Sonny wouldn’t want Will to start spiraling and imagine the worst case. After all, they won’t have all the truth. Surely there is a possibility that this tumor may be removed and will leave Will. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Shocker – Will had a brain tumor – Will die?


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