Days of our Lives Spoilers Wednesday March 6 | DOOL Spoilers

Days of our lives spoilers for Wednesday March 6th revealed that everything fell to John black on Wednesday when Marlena Evans, his wife, faced him about Leo stark. Meanwhile, Marlena knows about Leos father-son relationship and is furious when he keeps it with her. Can he do everything right with his wife?

Elsewhere, Sarah Horton contemplated Rex Brady’s proposal. Rex wanted Sarah to return to her fiance like life. However, Sarah may not be able to dismiss their past problems, even if she really loves him.

Chloe Lane will find evidence that a man is hidden. She has been by her side since Alpha Tio’s men came later to avenge his death. The fact that Chloe heard the noise outside the damara mansion definitely didn’t help. She worries about this dangerous threat, but things don’t seem so complete.

DOOL fans can expect Chloe to encounter some worrying evidence. She will realize that someone is really watching her, so she can panic and tell Stefan Demara what happened. Of course, Stefan will provide reassurance. He promised to keep Chloe and the children safe, and that was the promise he intended to keep.

Rex spends the whole day confronting Chloe’s alleged follower. After seeing the men follow Chloe, and after realizing that the shady guy has a gun, Rex finds himself in the middle of this dangerous situation. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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Days of our Lives Spoilers Wednesday March 6 | DOOL Spoilers


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