Days of Our Lives Spoilers : Will Sami Find EJ DiMera Alive

Days of Our Lives spoilers Will Sami Find EJ DiMera Alive reveal Sami Brady will search for EJ DiMera. Once released from custody, she goes to the DiMera mansion to try and find EJ. Ever since Kristen DiMera stated that EJ DiMera was actually alive, Sami has been wanting to find him. But, of course, other situations got in the way.

This week marks the first time viewers see Sami Brady not in police custody since she’s been back in Salem. The first time we saw her, she was rushing to stop her mother Marlena Evans from marrying her longtime love John Black. Upon crashing the wedding, Sami revealed that Susan Banks was actually Kristen in disguise.

After Kristen held the whole group at gunpoint, Sami finally was able to get the gun away from her. However, in her state, she accidentally shot her mother. Marlena ended up in the hospital on life support and Rafe Hernandez had to arrest her and put her in police custody.

DOOL News : Will Sami Find EJ DiMera Alive

Of course, Sami has been thinking of EJ DiMera the whole entire time she’s been in custody. However, between visiting her mother in the hospital and not being able to leave custody, she hasn’t had time to actually search for him. Now that she is released this week, we watch Sami head to the DiMera mansion to try and find some much-needed answers.

This Thursday, September 24, Sami goes to the mansion. It wouldn’t be a Sami Brady storyline if it didn’t end with her ending up in a tricky situation. And that’s just the type of situation she finds herself in.

Upon getting to the mansion, she runs into Stefan DiMera. Stefan has already had to deal with hiding Kristen from the police and the rest of Salem. Now that Sami comes asking questions, he realizes he wants to learn the answers, too. He doesn’t know if EJ is actually alive and would like to know the truth.

Will both Stefan and Sami learn about EJ’s state this fall? Will Stefan help her, or just leave her on her own? After all, in the fall promo spoiler video that was just released, it seems like Stefan is picking her up and forcing her to leave the mansion. Plus, with Stefan helping Kristen hideout, it might not be ideal for Sami to be there in the first place. We have a feeling she isn’t going to get much help from the DiMeras this fall.

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