General Hospital Spoilers for December 7-11, 2020

General Hospital spoilers for December 7-11, 2020, tease new info about Cyrus being uncovered, Sam making a decision about her future, and much more. Curtis and Jordan may feel that they have much to celebrate, but Cyrus remains an ever-present pest. And unbeknownst to the intrepid duo, their rival is stealthily manipulating young Trina Robinson all in the hopes that she’ll uncover Taggert’s hiding place and lead him straight into an ambush.

Also, Trina might conceivably have discovered some assistance in her dad’s chasing attempts – if Josslyn does surely react to her companion’s urgent supplication. However, exactly when things look their most disheartening, it’s Diane to the salvage. The cunning lawful falcon reveals an intriguing piece of data about Mr. Renault, and she’s eager to get going to share it.

Sam’s interests keep on compounding, however she at long last appears to arrive at a choice with respect to her and Jason’s future. Yet, no sooner does she re-visitation of invest some energy with her man, at that point he’s called upon to take care of a matter of extraordinary criticalness. Anyway, what’s a concerned crowd moll to do however wind up at Carly’s?

Surprising and unwanted guests appear to be extremely popular in the coming week. One appears close to home, and afterward Scott is amazed by a natural face so distant from home… and their essence requires a prompt clarification! In other Port Charles news, Finn goes through an evening with Gregory and acquaints the man with his granddaughter, Violet.

Likewise, Anna accepts the open door to find Dante. In the interim, Michael and Willow go to a shared arrangement, Franco looks for Kevin’s recommendation, and Maxie gets on edge to begin her existence with Peter. At long last, Alexis places her trust in some unacceptable hands, Nikolas shocks Ava, Brando endeavors to alter Sasha’s perspective, and Monica shares the information on Ned’s betrayal!


General Hospital Spoilers for December 7-11, 2020

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