General Hospital Family Tree 2021

General Hospital fans know that it does not take long for people to become intertwined with their families. It’s hard to remember who is related to whom, and why, and how, and what is going on with all these people.

Thus, we figured it very well may be useful to run down a couple of individuals who are identified with each other, individuals who aren’t identified with each other, and get their circumstances leveled out before it’s past the point of no return. We’re talking family, and we surely trust that you can keep up as we go through the not insignificant rundown of individuals who are identified with each other and the individuals who are not.

Sonny’s Family Tree

It’s not difficult to get befuddled with regards to Sonny and his children and his significant other and her children. To whom do their children have a place? Is it accurate to say that they are largely Sonny’s and Carly’s or would they say they are part of the way his and hers? Furthermore, what is new with each one of those children? Indeed, we should begin with the way that Sonny has been hitched once or twice or more than that to be very genuine. He’s not somebody who can assist with things if he’s not around to assist with them, however he can assist with his children.

Quartermaine Family

There are such large numbers of them that it’s difficult to keep up, yet we have a great deal individuals getting some information about Jason and Drew and their associations, so we figured we may attempt to clarify all that. OK, here we go. Edward wedded Lila, and they had Alan. Alan wedded Monica and had Alan Jr. Or on the other hand, A.J. as the vast majority called him. A.J. had an unsanctioned romance with Carly that prompted the introduction of Michael, who was subsequently embraced by Sonny. Alan Sr. at that point wedded Susan Moore, who is dead, and they had Jason (and Drew).


General Hospital Family Tree 2021

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