General Hospital Spoilers For Next Weeks, January 23 – 27

General Hospital spoilers tease a certain someone gaining power in the form of knowledge, a fraught reunion between mother and child, and so much more. This will be a week you won’t want to miss!

Hoping against hope that he’ll be able to convince Josslyn Jacks that theirs is a relationship worth salvaging, Cameron makes a beeline for her dorm room and ends up finding his ex and Dex in a compromising position.

Uh oh. That bodes well for no one…especially Dex, who would no doubt face reprisal from Sonny and Michael should the truth get out. But is Cameron willing to keep mum? Carolyn Webber makes the trek from California, but her presence isn’t exactly welcome by Elizabeth Webber, nor are her efforts to excuse the long ago conditioning that she subjected her daughter to.

Unlike Elizabeth before him, Nikolas Cassadine welcomes Carolyn with open arms. As ever, he has an agenda. An Esme Prince-shaped agenda. In other General Hospital spoilers news, Dante sets a deadline for Heather.

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General Hospital Spoilers For Next Weeks, January 23 – 27

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