General Hospital Spoilers Friday, February 9, 2024

General Hospital spoilers On the Friday, February 9 episode of General Hospital, spoilers feature talk about mob hits, personal vendettas, and potentially damaging discoveries. Do not miss this episode.

Since finding out Nina was the whistleblower, Drew’s fury has cranked up a thousand levels. Sure, he let go of his anger towards Michael. But he’s channeling it all into getting revenge on Nina. According to Drew, “She’s going to keep losing until she’s as alone, as broke, and as empty as she deserves to be.” Yikes.

With this in mind, Carly and Drew discuss his bitter vendetta against their nemesis. Given the intensity of Drew’s energy for revenge, will Carly sign on for whatever he’s planning? Or will she try and talk him out of living a life of pure, unadulterated wrath?

Maybe she’ll remind him to focus on the truly important things in life…like spending time with the daughter he said he missed while in prison. Lately, Sonny (Maurice Benard, who talks about mental health in Hollywood here) is on a bit of a losing streak.

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General Hospital Spoilers Friday, February 9, 2024

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