General Hospital Spoilers Next Weeks, March 20 – 24, 2023

General Hospital spoilers for March 20 – March 24, 2023, have in store for your Port Charles favorites. In light of the ambush that nearly claimed his life — so what else is new? — Sonny decides to cool things with gal pal Nina Reeves — for the time being, and for her own protection, natch.

And though not exactly the news that she was expecting, Nina proves understanding, but only up to a point. Given the tribulations that she’s facing, she needs Sonny to lean on more than ever. Will absence indeed make her grow fonder?

Enraged at the very idea of the Nurses Ball proceeding without her input — and convinced as she is that Maxie and Bobbie will botch the whole to-do — Lucy makes tracks for Port Charles, much to Anna’s great chagrin.

After disguising herself and managing to slip into the Metro Court undetected, Lucy does her best to catch Maxie’s attention but gets nowhere. Undeterred, Lucy next heads for the Crimson’s office, determined to have her say — and all the while, an exasperated Anna nips at her heels, equally determined to keep the two of them from being caught.

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General Hospital Spoilers Next Weeks, March 20 – 24, 2023

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