General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, February 29, 2024

General Hospital spoilers On the Thursday February 29, Leap Day 2024 episode of General Hospital, spoilers focus on intense interactions, including one couple who have a discussion about the future. Don’t miss this episode.

Lately, Finn (Michael Easton, who talks Finn and Liz here) and Liz are in a mostly decent place. That malpractice lawsuit against Finn went bust. However, he’s dealing with his father’s illness while both of them are raising kids. But with three growing boys and her gig as the newest Head Nurse at GH, Liz is booked and busy.

Having said all of that, Finn and Liz have sort of settled into a peaceful relationship devoid of much drama. Yet, when life throws obstacles in their way, they manage to work their way through it. So, is this why they have a discussion about their future? Is one of them ready for more?

Will they, ultimately make any decisions based on this conversation? After Carly fills in Sonny on her run-in with John, guess it’s time for another Sonny/Jagger confrontation. There’s no way the mobster’s happy John told Carly about the string of mob murders around the country and in Port Charles.

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General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, February 29, 2024

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