General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday May 31, 2023

General Hospital spoilers for May 31, 2023, have Curtis and Trina ready to learn if they are father and daughter. General Hospital spoilers reveal surprise information, surprise persuasions, surprise confrontations, and so much more. You won’t want to miss a moment of this exciting new episode.

It’s a big day for Curtis and Trina. He has moved back into the beach house despite things seeming awkward, and she is trying to figure out if she wants to live there at all.

Amidst this, Trina learns that the DNA test results are in, and she can learn once and for all if Curtis is her biological father or not. Curtis prepares for the moment with his family, and Trina spends time with Spencer telling him that it is now or never. Are either one of them prepared for what the results might say?

Josslyn is still obsessed with the idea that Dex needs to get away from Sonny despite the fact that Sonny is perfectly fine with this if Dex just asks to be fired from his job on his own.

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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday May 31, 2023

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